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Moline Dispatch

East Moline Public Works

East Moline Public Works
Location: East Moline, Illinois
Project Area: 48,500 Square Feet


The East Moline Public Works Department operated out of several buildings at various sites for many years. The vehicle maintenance facility was small and could not accept the new larger trucks the City purchased to improve their operational efficiency. An existing brown field site, centrally located in the community, was purchased; an old factory was removed; the site cleaned; and this new facility was constructed.

Improvements at this consolidated site include Public Works offices, locker rooms, a break room, conference and training room and materials storage. In addition, all vehicles are stored inside with direct access to the exterior. Vehicle drive-through access for loading, unloading and work order set up, along with six full-service repair bays and a lift for full-sized fire trucks was also provided.

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